ProRecycle provides a true turnkey trade-in program for wireless carriers, retailers and wholesalers designed to maximize program profitability and customer satisfaction.

How It Works

Key features of the device-trade program include:

  • Simple device evaluation to guide store sale staff through the trade-in process
  • Comprehensive pricing system with live market feeds to ensure ongoing maintenance of competitive market pricing for pre-owned devices
  • Verification of the customer eligibility for trade-in or lease program turn in
  • Fully outsourced device resale service that maximizes the resale price of devices through our global sales channels

The ProRecycle Process

Our solution accounts for every possible scenario includes evaluating the device condition, pricing, customer eligibility, device logistics, processing, repair, warehousing, inventory management and device resale.


Devices matched to automated shipping records to ensure all expected devices are received and boxes are inspected to confirm that no damage has occurred in shipping. Devices are checked with serialized tracking to ensure safety throughout the process.

Data Sanitizing

We promise to clear personal data from consumers’ devices. SIM and memory cards are removed, secured, and shredded.


An efficient combination of automated tests and manual review, followed by Quality Control checks, ensure the most accurate grading possible. Together with random “final QA inspections” these processes ensure that all critical steps have been completed and the device is truly ready for sale.


Devices ready for redistribution are sorted and stored in a secure hub.


We re-sell and distribute your pre-owned inventory through our global resale channels, achieving the highest recovery rates in the market.


When devices are found to be beyond repair all reusable parts are recovered and the device is responsibly recycled.

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